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Main Tasks
To manage/achieve required types of SICIM accreditation, licensing,
To be in proactive contact with Governmental Bodies for RoK Audits’ successful results
Coordinate any communications related to RoK Requirements and achieve required results.
Issuing Permitting Plans for all Projects and cooperating with Project Management and General Planning Department for integrating the Plans.
Keeping controlled & updated SICIM Licenses documentation as well as coordination with Subcontractors with the view of getting from them all required documents related to Licenses.
To assure the support for all Departments in the requirements of RoK Legislation and RoK Norms related to SICIM construction / industrial activities in all stages, starting from Bid Phase and report the result of activities and the KPIs.
Make periodically trainings and workshops for explaining the RoK rules related to SICIM SoW.
Managing of timely preparation of all required Attestations and Pikazes for people responsible for Construction/Engineering activities
Proper managing/support of all Departments:
Especially at the stage of Project start and final closure of the Project - related to all applicable RoK Legislation, RoK Norms etc with regard to SICIM construction / industrial activities.
Proper / timely managing of all required RoK Logs, proper Acts, newly issued and revised RoK Norms, Legislation (including all SNIP, GOST etc) that can affect the SICIM activities.
Solving the issues with Technical & Design Supervision.

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