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InPlay Sports Data

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Stanislav Shtipkov



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Кокшетау   →   на карте

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What we offer
- Payment 40 euro per game (for the first 10 games is 36 euro per game)
- Freelance contract
- Bonus system for good performance


InPlay Sports Data, part of Genius Sports is searching Sports Reporter in Kokshetau or Shchuchinsk, reporting Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey in the cities.
We need English speaking, motivated person, who has time to visit Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey games in his city and report live from the venue with simple commands in English everything that is happening on the field/court/ice using mobile application. During the entire event, the reporter must send constantly what is happening at the game by clicking on his screen the respective commands.
The Reporters will receive accreditation from the Kazakhstan Football Federation and will enter as a media representative since we are official data provider of Kazakhstan Football Federation.

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What are the requirements
• Ability to visit all requested games in Kokshetau and Shchuchinsk
• Good spoken English (not writing skills required)
• Excellent knowledge of football, basketball and ice hockey rules. Or motivation to learn them.
• Responsible, reliable and punctual person.
• Possession of smartphone

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